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You can export the Views, Edits and Creations via the “More” option in the report menu.

→ Analytics Cockpit → Global Content Report → More → Views/Edits/Creations



Content & Usage Report

Excerpt Include
BVVIEWTRACKER:Content & Usage Report: Content
BVVIEWTRACKER:Content & Usage Report: Content
nameContent Usage on-prem Export

Attachments Report

→ Analytics Cockpit → Menu “Attachments” → Export → CSV


Search Report

→ Analytics Cockpit → Menu “Search” → Export → CSV


Visit ID


Full Name

Content ID

Content Title

Content Type


Space Key

Space Name

Visit Date


ID of the view itself

Name of the user who viewed the content

"Anonymous" if Extended Privacy Mode is enabled

Full name of the user

"Anonymous" if Extended Privacy Mode is enabled

ID of the viewed page or blog post

Title of the page or blog post

Type of the viewed content: page or blog post

Source of the view: desktop, mobile, Confluence app, Linchpin or JSM

Space key of the space the content is located in

Full name of the space

Date of the view

Date and time of the view as UNIX timestamp



An advanced option , (interesting when integrating Viewtracker with other applications, ) is the Viewtracker - REST Reporting API.