Attachment Tracking for Confluence


Track attachment usage to find out which attachments attract how many views and downloads. Promote relevant content & remove unused attachments.

The app Attachment Tracking for Confluence gives you an Attachment View Count that is displayed on various places throughout your Confluence instance.

Attachment Report

The Attachment Report can be accessed by a Confluence Administrator. They need to select the cog icon, then select "Analytics Cockpit".

The report shows the following data:

  • In the graph: The overall number of attachment views and downloads

  • In the table: The most popular file names, the space they are located in and the number of views. Notes:

    • You may search for any attachment by using the search field under the graph. If a specific attachment does not appear on the list, that might be because its file type or its containing space is not tracked (see "Settings").

    • The number of views depends on the time range you have selected.

    • Click on an attachment's name to access the page it is attached to.


Where the Attachment View Count is Displayed

If enabled in the Settings, the app will show you the number of views and downloads for any attachment. See the list where the Attachment View Count is displayed.



see Attachment Tracking Settings



Since January 2021: Make full use of the Analytics Cockpit. The data from Attachment Tracking is included in the app Viewtracker. Find relevant content based on the number of views, likes, edits, etc.


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