Label Fixer






Label Fixer makes it possible again to create content including a label, by specifying a label parameter in the URI.



How to create content with labels predefined in the URL

Create content with labels specified in the URL. This can be useful for example if you give content creators a predefined link to create specific content.

  1. Create content by pasting following URL in your browser's address bar. Replace with your Confluence base url, wanted Space and labels.

    blog post

    1 <base-url>/pages/createblogpost.action?spaceKey=<space-key>&labelsString=<label 1>,<label 2>,<label...>



    1 <base-url>/pages/createpage.action?spaceKey=<space-key>&labelsString=<label 1>,<label 2>,<label...>


  2. Press enter.

  3. The editor opens, the labels specified in the URL are set.