Translations for Confluence (formerly Language Macros)



With Translations for Confluence, you can add and edit content in different languages on the same Confluence page.

Language macros in the editor



Over 40 language macros available


Quick switch between languages




Writing content in different languages

Use a specific language macro to write content in the languages supported by Confluence.

→ See all available Language Macros

What you type in the editor:

How your text looks in the editor:

How your resulting page looks like (user's language set to English):


Writing page titles in different languages

Translate page titles using the "Translate title" interface in the editor.

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What the interface looks like:

What the resulting page looks like (user's language set to German):

Administrator's Guide

As an administrator, you can enable or disable languages.

→ Go to the Administrator's Guide

Displaying content in different languages

To check if the macro works according to plan, use the drop-down in the upper-right corner and choose another language you used on that page.

If you want to change the language of the entire Confluence interface, including the main text, you'll have to change the language in your user settings.