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Confluence instances can become very overwhelming over time as more and more content is created. Finding the relevant content with the standard Search field can be very frustrating and time-consuming. "Why does it even display this comment/attachment, I'm only interested in page content?" "Do I need to wrap my search string in quotation marks?" "How can I only look for a search string in the titles, not the whole content?"

We've all been there. That's why we created an app called Advanced Search for Confluence.

  • The Advanced Search macro will help you find your content much more efficiently by creating custom-made search box tailored precisely to your (company's) needs.

  • Refine your search using checkboxes and CQL queries as filters to look for recent content, specific authors, a particular space... You name it.

  • Arrange checkboxes in columns by using the Filter Column Macro).

  • You can adapt the look of the search field to your company's CD by adding a background image and changing the text's colour.

Once properly set up, you will want to use your custom search box everywhere and won't miss the complex filter options that the standard Confluence search provides.

Possible use cases

We will get nowhere trying to list all possible use cases, so here are just a few examples.

As an editor, you may want to display only pages and blog posts

  • by certain authors (creators)

  • bearing one or more specific labels

  • edited within a certain period

  • you have been involved in (as a contributor)

  • you have on your watchlist or saved for later

As an administrator, you may be interested in

  • pages and attachments only, not comments or blog posts

  • pages with metadata

  • spaces you have created yourself

This list is just to give you a few ideas. We are sure you will soon come up with interesting use cases yourself.


Getting Started

Ready to get your hands dirty?

Even though the Advanced Search macros can be included and edited by anyone, the nesting of Advanced Search macros might be confusing for beginners. That's why we have set up two templates to get you started quickly. Read all about them here: Getting Started with Advanced Search for Confluence



Learn all about the Advanced Search macros. They will help you find Confluence content so much more easily.

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