Viewtracker Supplier

Please note:

  • The features described below require the apps Reporting for Confluence (min. version 6.0) and Viewtracker (min. version 4.0).

  • Please be aware Reporting for Confluence by ServiceRocket is not free.

  • bitvoodoo will not be able to support you with questions regarding the Reporting for Confluence. Please contact the ServiceRocket support instead.



The Viewtracker Supplier provides supplier support for custom reporting with the ServiceRocket Reporting for Confluence. This is an optional feature of the Viewtracker app. If you’ve installed the ServiceRocket Reporting app as well, you can use this feature to generate customized reports that utilize data from Viewtracker. All other features, like the built in reports of the Viewtracker app, do not require the Reporting app to be installed.



Viewtracker FAQ