Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence



Gain valuable insight into what is going on in your Confluence.

The Viewtracker app offers important user behaviour details, for example:

  • Which are the most active/popular pages or spaces?

  • Which pages have received likes or comments?

  • What are users searching for on Confluence?

  • Which attachments have actually been looked at?

As of January 2021, Viewtracker is bundled with Search Analytics and Attachment Tracking. See all details in the Viewtracker 7.x Release Notes


Global Report


Search Analytics
Attachment Tracking


Content Report





Use the built-in reports to get insights into your Confluence instance. Reports are available

  • over all the spaces in the Confluence administration, see Global Report

  • for the Space Admins in the Space Administration, see Space Report

  • on each Confluence page and each blog post, see Page Report

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Administrator's Guide

Learn how to set Viewtracker up fitting to your needs, and get to know all settings and possibilities. Features include:

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Migration Guide: How to migrate Viewtracker data from Server / Data Center to Cloud?

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