bitvoodoo apps pricing 2021 (valid from December 20th, 2020)

What? bitvoodoo has decided to raise the prices for some of their Server and Data Center (DC) apps by December 20th, 2020.

Why? Atlassian's announcement for Server End of Life (EOL) has caused a major turmoil and much insecurity in the app vendor's ecosystem. However, we deeply care about our Server customers and promise to maintain the bitvoodoo Server apps until Server EOL in February 2024 at least. We will also be investing in new features for Data Center, which will then be rolled out to Server as well. We are doing this although we know that our app sales are likely to decline in the next months. That's why we think increasing the prices of individual apps is justified.

Which apps? We have listed all the bitvoodoo apps affected in the table below. We have not increased prices for apps released in 2020. Cloud prices will also remain the same.

How much? We think the increase is moderate: Between 11 and 25%, depending on app and user tier. Please consult the table below for details.

What's the alternative? bitvoodoo currently supports the Atlassian Loyalty Discount and Dual Licence Program. You benefit from switching from Server or DC to Cloud.
For the road map of bitvoodoo apps to Cloud, please consult our App Migration Center.

If you have any questions on our app pricing in general, please contact us via

List of Prices for Confluence and Jira Apps



Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence

Since 2021, Viewtracker has been bundled with two of our new products, Attachment Tracking for Confluence and Search Analytics for Confluence. Many new functions, such as anonymising users, filtering with CQL and data retention, are now also available.



Advanced Panelboxes for Confluence

Templates for Blog Posts for Confluence

Homepage Redirect for Confluence

The pricing table for these four apps is identical.



Content Scheduler for Confluence



Custom Field Option Synchroniser




If you have any questions regarding our app pricing, please contact us via

For the road map of bitvoodoo apps to Cloud, please consult our App Migration Center.