How to migrate Navitabs from Server / Data Center to Cloud


Please refer to our main documentation for the Cloud Migration Assistant for general instructions on how to migrate bitvoodoo apps.

The following information is specific for the app Navitabs - Tabs for Confluence.

Assessing macro usage within Navitabs macros

The app Navitabs is completely cloud-ready. However, Confluence Cloud has limitations when it comes to nesting macros (rich body & 3rd party macros).

For details on nesting of all Confluence macros, please consult the page Limitations when nesting macros.


We strongly recommend that you address the following points before starting the migration:

  • Are you using any other macros (standard or 3rd party) within Navitabs macros?

  • Will you use the old (Legacy) editor or switch to the new Cloud editor in the future?

Based on this assessment, you might have to rework the content on your Server/DC instance. Try to use as few “exotic” macros as possible on your pages. Also, use the remaining macros separately on the page instead of nesting them within Navitabs macros.


Migrating Navitabs content

Completing the macro usage assessment and carrying out the changes necessary in your Confluence instance are the hard parts of the migration.

The process of migrating Navitabs Server/DC to Confluence Cloud is easy from a technical standpoint.

  1. Install Navitabs - Tabs for Confluence in your Cloud instance.

  2. Migrate your content with the Cloud Migration Assistant by Atlassian (automated path). If you encounter problems, please read below.

  3. That’s it! The different Navitabs macros and their content are now in the cloud.
    You may notice differences in the names and user experience of Navitabs macros. These are listed in the table below.

Differences between Navitabs Server/DC and Cloud Macros








Navitabs (not selectable)

The Navitabs macro is working in the background to allow for a smooth migration from DC/Server. You can also edit existing Navitabs macros.

However, you cannot add new Navitabs macros in Cloud. Please use Childtabs or Labeltabs instead.





Same experience, except for one difference:

You will need to manually set the Labeltabs' height (the default is 750 pixels).


Tab Group

Different name, the same experience. Existing Localtab-Group macros will automatically be renamed "Tab Group".


Tab (used within a Tab Group macro) OR

Tab (Deprecated)

The macro has a different name but offers the same functionality. Use Tab macros within a Tab Group macro to create your own tabs.

Migrated Localtab macros will automatically be renamed "Tab (Deprecated)". See details below the table.

Handpicked Tabs

new Tab Wizard

It is sadly not possible to migrate Handpicked Tabs. However, we are going to offer the same options in our “Select existing pages” within the Tab Wizard (coming soon).

Tabs Macro

New editing experience available only in Cloud.

Excellent alternative to Tab (Deprecated) when switching to the new editor (see details below).


Migrating from Server/DC to the Legacy Cloud Editor

When migrating pages from Server/DC to Cloud, all content is transferred to the Legacy Cloud editor.

After the migration, all tabs are displayed and work properly in the frontend. No data is lost.
There is one special case: the “Tab (Deprecated)” macro.

Tab (Deprecated): This appears on two occasions:

  • If you migrated Localtab macros.

  • If you try to insert more tab macros on a migrated page that still uses the legacy editor.

The macro itself works fine and can also be edited, new content can be added, etc. However, the macro will not work in the new editor (read below).

Switching from Legacy to New Cloud Editor

If you want to convert your page to the new cloud editor, you will have to replace all occurrences of the macro “Tab (Deprecated)” with the macro “Tab” and copy the content into the Tab macro. Otherwise, the data in the tabs will get lost during the transition.

Alternatively, you can get rid of the macros “Tab Group” and only work with the new Tabs macro with its own editor.


Error in the migration process

Some customers have encountered the error message “Migration has failed as the migration path of this app could not be determined.” during the app migration process.

We don’t know why Atlassian will sometimes display this error. Navitabs macros are all stored within the Confluence content and are therefore migrated with the normal content migration.
If you encounter the error above, please check the content on various migrated pages containing Navitabs macros. The content should appear as you'd expect it to.

  • If the Navitabs macro content is displayed (see section above for differences in names), you can safely ignore the error message.

  • If this is not the case, please create a support ticket.


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