Manage Tracking

In the menu "Manage Tracking" within the Viewtracker app, you can specify spaces and users you would like to exclude from tracking.



In the Global Report configuration menu (accessible to administrators only), tap on "Manage Tracking" to access the different settings.


Exclude Spaces

Viewtracker is automatically enabled on all pages of each space in Confluence. This may not be the desired behaviour in your use case. Reasons might be the following:

  • You are not interested in the statistics of certain spaces and want to keep them "clutter-free".

  • You want to improve the performance of your spaces.

  • You don't want to collect data on spaces containing sensitive information (e.g. Human Resources).

Confluence Administrators can define certain spaces in which Viewtracker is not active. This is how to do it:

  1. Tap the menu "Exclude Spaces".

  2. Enter the space name that you would like to exclude from tracking and click "Exclude".

  3. Repeat for any other space that you want to exclude.


If you want to disable tracking on all spaces, click on the button "Exclude all".

If you entered a space by mistake or change your mind later, you can always click on the "Remove" button.



Note: Existing data of these spaces (collected before the spaces were excluded) will remain in the database and will not be deleted. They might still show up in the Global Report.


Exclude Users


You can decide not to track specific users. This might be for data privacy reasons.

  1. Tap the menu "Exclude Users".

  2. Search for users whose actions should not be tracked.

  3. Select a user and tap the button "Exclude".

Exclude anonymous users

Below the users excluded from tracking, you will find a toggle "Anonymous Tracking".

If "Anonymous Tracking" is toggled on, anonymous users will not be tracked (since they are excluded). This can make sense if you don't want to count search crawlers etc.