Content Report (Page Report)


See how many people have viewed a specific page or blog post and the attachments it contains.

How to access the Content Report

  1. Navigate to any page or blog post you want to see statistics for.

  2. Click on "Content Report" (above the page content).

    Alternatively, select "More actions" (...) and select "Content Report".

    Access Content Report via menu



  3. An overlay "Content Report" appears. It is structured in three tabs: Content, Viewers and Attachments.


Content Report (Default)

The content report shows the following data:

  1. Graph of views of this page over the last 30 days.

  2. All views: The overall number of views since this page was created.

  3. My views: The number of times you have viewed this page yourself.

  4. Unique viewers: every individual user with a Confluence login who has visited this page.


Viewers Report

Depending on your Data Privacy setting, the Content Report will also show a tab "Viewers", showing which user has viewed this content, when and how many times.



Attachments Report

This report is a new feature since March 2021. It shows you the attachments used on that very page. The list depends on which types of attachments the Confluence administrator has chosen to track in the global "Attachments" settings.

If the page contains no attachments, this info panel is displayed:

For information on the content of a specific space, refer to the Space Report.