Attachments Report

Attachments Report as part of the Global Report


How to access the Attachments Report

This is part of the Global Report of Viewtracker. To see the attachments of a specific space only, please refer to the Space Report documentation.


  1. Click on the cog icon in the Confluence header.

  2. Under the heading "Viewtracker", select "Global Report".

Alternatively, go to "Apps" in the Confluence header and select "Viewtracker - Global Report".

Switch from Overview (default) to “Attachments”.

The report will give you the following data:

  • A graph of the attachment views in the entire Confluence site. The default period is the last 30 days. Click on the date picker to change the time period.

  • Column "File name": The file names and file types (icon) of the most popular attachments.

  • Column "Space": The space on which the attachments are located.

  • Column "Views": The number of views or downloads of each attachment.

You may also use the search field to search for specific attachments.



Export Attachments data

You can export the numbers of the Attachments Report as a CSV file in the Global and Space Report.

All numbers in the export refer to the selected filter and date range (last 30 days by default).

Here’s how to export:

Tab the “Export” button next to the date range and confirm the amount of data.



The CSV contains single entries, including the following:

Account Id, Content Id, Content Title, Content Type, Space Key, Date, Unix Date.

If you need the user name instead of the Account ID, please consult our FAQ How to find the user name in the exported data?